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About us

We at reality radio have one big passion – Radios. We think that there could be no doubt that the radio has changed the world more than any other invention. If you for some crazy reason don’t know what a radio is, it’s a technology that uses radio waves to carry information, a way to communicate.


What is reality radio?

It’s radio programs that are real, there are no actors or recorded music. Some examples of what reality radio could be is debates between different people, interviews and speeches. During elections some radio channels actually changed the outcome of the result because of their guests and what they said, radio could be very powerful.



What’s the future?

Radio from the beginning used “radio waves” in order to send out information. During the first and second world war the radio was very important for all countries. Morse code is actually radio signals send from a transmitter to a receiver. Today we have something much faster and better – the internet. Today you can listen to thousands and thousands of different radio channels. This means that you can listen to whatever whenever, and with “Podcasts” and streamed material you don’t have to listen to programs live. In the UK some of the best radio shows come from BBC, listen to quality radio programs.


What is a Podcast?

The days of having to listen to a radio show on a certain radio station at a specific time are long gone now. With a podcast you can subscribe to a show and get new programs delivered directly to you when they have been uploaded to the internet – at your convenience. Podcasting is really cheap to create and gives both producers and listeners much more freedom. Some radio stations are now using podcast and streaming material to match the new demand on the market. People want to listen to things when they have time or lust, not when it’s aired.