The Future of Radio Marketing

If history is anything to go by, radio is bolstered by new technology rather than challenged. When tape first came to the market, everybody thought radio was going to die, but that didn’t happen. Then CDs surfaced, and people had the same idea. Even in the age of Spotify, the radio industry remains strong. If anything, it has reinvented itself.

More Listeners are Coming On Board

Radio has moved on from the traditional AM/FM stereotypes to a bigger and better platform – the internet. Terrestrial radio is limited to a specific geographical location, and internet radio is not. People can listen to their favourite shows even when on vacation. Also, in-home artificial intelligence devices such as Google Home, Echo Dot, and Siri are radio-ready. That means the industry is not going anywhere soon.

Internet Radio Ads are Measurable

The days of blind marketing are over. Advertisers want to know if they are targeting the right people and which type of ad copy works best. Internet radio stations can see the location of listeners, the time they come on, and more. All these are targetable demographics that can be used to find potential customers for products and services. That results in higher conversions and a better bang on ad spend.

Radio Ads are Still Effective

Ask around and you will hear that most department stores are making a killing with radio ads. That’s because people are on the radio all day long– during drive time, work hours and when at home. But that’s not the best part. Listeners cannot skip ads on the radio; they have to take it all, and that eventually gets to them. However, the secret to successful radio ads is frequency. It is the only way to ensure thousands of people hear about your products repeatedly – which has proven to be quite effective.