Radio Marketing

Radio Marketing

Radio and the Rise of Mass Media

The radio gave companies an entire new way to market themselves – mass marketing. Newspapers had been around for hundreds of years, Gutenberg invented the printing press which gave companies the opportunity to create ads and mass market their products. This type of communication with the customers was not in “real-time” and the radio was the first tool that could market products in “real time”. In American homes by the 1930s everyone had a radio and almost everyone listened to the same programs because the competition was scarce.

After the first and second world war the radio became a very important tool for companies to market themselves. Back then an investment in marketing was almost always successful and the most successful companies combined marketing in the newspapers and the radio at the same time with an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy.

After the Second World War the Americans was the wealthiest people on earth and ready for the good life. There was a large jump in birth rates, salaries, new businesses, productivity and BNP. Because of the large population and incredible buying power the society became a consumer driven economy which meant that the radio became even more important as a marketing tool.

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Radio marketing today

Today anyone can create a radio channel with the help of the internet and there are thousands of different channels created each year. This means that people only will listen to channels that gives them value – and often advertising on sites such as does not give value.

This gives the big radio channels a big problem – How can we have many listeners and at the same time have much advertising on our channel so that we can maximise our profits? The answer to this is often to have short commercial breaks and to have “fun” advertising. Sometimes radio channels say no to companies that have to boring ads.